Westin Hotel

Edina, Minnesota

The Westin piece began with a call from Kim Cameron of Art Partners.  We started with some tiny fabric swatches and a Blueprint of a huge hotel space near the Galleria in Edina.  Once we decided on the size and the location in the lobby, I came up with some copper square samples to proceed.  I decided that a subtle ‘travel’ theme would be a great fit so I made up tiles using photos of architectural pieces from all over the Europe.   If you look closely you will see the Eiffel Tower, Tiles from Spain and other architectural interests as well as music notes.   All the things that remind me of traveling and staying in a luxury hotel, and beautiful country.  We wanted to keep it light in color to stay in line with the hotel’s modern and sparse look.

The project moved fairly quickly and I knew I would need a few months to complete it.  It was the largest piece I had ever done measuring 6′x8′.  It took up my whole garage–the frame did not even fit in my studio!   It was a fantastic experience and I hope to do many more like it.  Since it’s completion I have been commissioned to do residences in the Westin as well.

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