Artist Statement

Glass Fused on Copper

I create art because it is my (best) way of bringing joy to others.  It is also a vehicle to express myself in the brightest times and those of darkness, both personally and in the world.

I make each piece with hand cut copper and fire them individually with glass. One copper square can be all that is needed, other times a collage of hundreds makes it complete.  I might be considered a rebel in the enameling world as I have broken a few rules of the ‘true process’ to develop my own style.  My creations are very intuitive.  No two pieces are ever the same, making the possibilities infinite.  My studio time often drifts into the wee hours of the night, leaving me aching and sore, with a huge smile on my face, and a much-desired sense of calm.

Freedom for me is paramount to my survival and creating art has become my version of freedom.

I LOVE what I do,

None of which would be anything without my supportive and remarkable husband and two brilliant (and often annoying) adult children.  All three have contributed to my art in many ways.  My husband builds, sands and glues my large frames (never a complaint, always a smile, okay well an occasional complaint).   He can put in 30 hour plus weeks (on top of his ‘real’ job) when I am swamped or getting ready for a show.  My son and daughter cut copper and do some of the sanding.  Their participation and support  makes the process perfect.  I am grateful.